Technical Training

VAGAN offers individuals the opportunity to enhance their effectiveness and improve their Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management skills by attending these training courses. Delivered by world-leading experts in their fields, the Maintenance Engineering courses feature the essential practices, methodologies and technologies to help you and your organization to get the best results out of your assets in today’s competitive world.


  • Maintenance Management Best Practices
  • Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance Professionals
  • Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management Technology Best Practices
  • Operational Excellence in the Process Industry
  • Maintenance Scheduling Using Big Data, IoT and Agent Based Simulation
  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance
  • Process Control Valves and Actuators
  • Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil & Water
  • The Complete Course on Facilities Management: Facilities Management Specialist

VAGAN’S Electrical Engineering training courses cover the vast majority of Electrical Engineering skills and competencies including; Power Generator, Generator excitation, Electrical Maintenance, High Voltage switching, Low voltage switching, Protection principles (HV and LV), Transmission and Distribution, Hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres, Electrical Equipment and control, PLC’s, SCADA, Uninterruptable Power supplies, Electrical Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance and Electrical design. All training courses cover a range of IEC, European, U.S. and NFPA standards.


  • Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies
  • Impact of Renewable Energy Sources
  • AC Electrical Motors & Drives
  • Medium Voltage & High Voltage Switchgear Operations & Maintenance
  • Safe Operations & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgears

Aiming at minimizing operation and maintenance costs, our Mechanical Engineering training courses offer advanced tools on analysis, operation and design of electromechanical equipment in your plant. Prepared and delivered by competent personnel’s, these courses are scheduled in the form of short training and refreshing sessions.

They have been proven effective in enhancing engineers and technicians skills on design, operation and maintenance of different types of electro-mechanical equipment. They cover concepts of best practices and effective techniques for solving issues related to compressors, pumps, motors, seals, steam turbines, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and gas turbines.


  • Rotating Equipment: Start-up, Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting
  • Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation
  • Mechanical Engineering Essentials
  • Corrosion Control in Gas, Oil & Water
  • Process Utility Systems
  • Mechanical Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Seals, Motors, and Variable – Speed Drives
  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance

VAGAN offers world leading courses on Instrumentation Systems and Process Control. Each of the courses offered under this category will be delivered to delegates by highly motivating presenters who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this subject area. The courses are continually monitored and updated in line with both existing and emerging trends in Instrumentation and Process Control Systems.


  • Process Measurement, Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Control Valves & Actuators
  • Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer
  • Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shut-down Systems
  • Data Communication & Fieldbus System

VAGAN’S Oil & Gas Technology training courses are designed and tailored to help the delegates to fully develop their skills as effective and knowledgeable professionals in the field of oil and gas industry, including oil and gas production, crude oil and LPG storage tanks, specifics of transport to onshore and offshore refinery facilities and/or marine terminals and other important operations..

The training courses will help your organization to achieve the strategic goals in a cost effective and financially efficient way.


  • Oil and Gas Financial Modelling A Practical Approach
  • Cathodic Protection System in Oil & Gas Exploration Industry
  • Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors
  • The 10-day MBA for Oil and Gas Professionals
  • Contract Management in Offshore & Marine, EPCIC and Shipyard
  • Oil & Gas Field Operations and Commingled Productions Allocations
  • Integrating Drilling & Project Management Services
  • Xmas Trees and Well Heads
  • Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries
  • Petroleum Refining: Production Planning, Scheduling and Yield Optimisation
  • SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) for Onshore and Offshore Facilities
  • Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer
  • Fundamentals of Exploration & Production
  • Tank Farm Operations and Performance
  • Energy Optimisation of Oil Refineries
  • Decommissioning of Offshore Installations
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry

The high quality innovative root cause analysis courses of VAGAN provides all necessary skills needed to describe, analyze, solve and prevent problems in the most effective and efficient way. Methods recognized as “best practice” by many companies in all industries are introduced. Practical exercises based on real life examples will demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of the methods and will help participants to develop their individual skills.


  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Facilitator Workshop
  • Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals
  • Innovative Root Cause Analysis

Modern and sustainable infrastructure relies heavily on civil engineering and construction engineering and management activities. The training courses and seminars below will improve your Civil and Construction Engineering skills and are presented by world-class experts in design, construction and concrete structure. Presenters are selected from the best and will emphasize through experience and group activity what works, what does not work and why.

VAGAN’S Civil and Construction Engineering training seminars will improve and extend your design and project management skills by transferring knowledge and building competence in design codes, analysis techniques, project management, estimating, scheduling, legal and contractual issues, and cash flow and business management topics.


  • Concrete Structure Designing for Industrial Projects
  • Designing of Blast Resistant Buildings for Oil & Gas Plants
  • Maintenance Audit and Site Inspection
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Construction Quality Control On Site
  • Advanced Materials & Technology in Concrete Industry
  • Construction Supervision Skills
  • Structural Renovation of Buildings
  • Construction Contracts Masterclass
  • Construction HSE Hazards

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  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam


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  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria

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