Functional Training

Project Management Certification has become the key management competency that drives achievement of organizational goals and enables efficient and effective use of limited resources. Improve your project success and increase your leadership effectiveness by attending VAGAN Project Management Certification training, designed to develop and deepen your understanding of all processes and knowledge areas involved in contemporary project management. 

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  • Project Appraisal & Analysis
  • Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals
  • Project Scheduling, Cost Planning & Value Engineering Skills
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Project Preparation
  • PPP Project Preparation & Contract Management
  • Project Leadership in Action
  • Project Finance & Financial Analysis Techniques for Infrastructure Projects
  • IT Project Management
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions

Most organizations compete on the basis of quality and customer satisfaction, therefore they need to be much more strategic when it comes to Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. They need personnel’s who have a deep understanding of delivering real and tangible value throughout the supply chain. The range of courses, seminars & workshops in Purchasing, Inventory Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management have been designed by the subject matter experts who understand the real requirements of what is needed in an organization to add value and drive out hidden costs through efficiency. Attend these courses and learn the art of effective professional contribution in your organization.


  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices
  • Managing Tenders, Specifications & Contracts
  • Procurement Management of Equipment and Works for World Bank Aided Projects
  • Workshop on Contract Management in Public Procurement
  • Effective Purchasing, Tendering & Supplier Selection
  • Supply Chain Operations in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Strategic Cost and Value Management in the Supply Chain

Contract management is an extremely important component of the procurement process as it enables a clear set of contract requirements and objectives to be managed and monitored throughout the contract term. Contracts often represent a tool that companies use to safeguard their resources. 

VAGAN Contracts Management training will enhance your skills further and you will be in a much better position to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of your contracts. You will learn how to manage relationships with the supplier; manage governance, probity and compliance issues throughout all stages of the procurement cycle; understand stakeholder requirements; ensure compliance with contract requirements and make sure that the delivery of services is satisfactory to both parties, the organization encounters no contract disputes or surprises and the expected business benefits and financial returns are being realized.


  • PPP Project Preparation & Contract Management
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contract Management
  • The Complete Course on Contracts Management: Contracts Management Specialist
  • Contract Management Principles & Practices
  • The Essentials of Contracting & Contract Negotiation
  • Contracts: Reading, Writing & Negotiating
  • Best Practices in Multi Shift Operations
  • Managing Contractual Liabilities

VAGAN Finance and Budgeting training courses cover the most critical aspects of strategic financial management, including: finance, budgeting, cost control, accounting, financial forecasting and financial reporting.  These carefully designed training courses will support you to fully develop your skills as an effective business manager, and will help your organization to achieve its own strategic goals in a cost effective and financially efficient way.


  • Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control
  • Spreadsheet Skills for Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Accounting, Decision Making, & Financial Communication
  • Developing, Improving & Monitoring the Internal Audit Function
  • Project Scheduling & Cost Planning Skills
  • Mastering Accounting, Budgeting and Performance Measurement
  • Fast Closing Month-End & Year-End Accounts

The world is experiencing an explosion in the volume and scope of data; everything we do and everything around us is now measured, quantified and recorded. This comes with some challenges, but some even bigger opportunities. The challenges range from the collection and warehousing of the exponentially increasing volumes of data that are being recorded, to the validation, quality assurance, security and privacy of the data the we have accrued.

Modern computing power, coupled with the latest software approaches, make it possible to process and interpret huge volumes of data both rapidly and conclusively, thereby accessing enormously powerful yet previously-untapped information resources which provide the basis for enhanced performance and competitive advantage.


  • Info-Graphics: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques
  • Data Governance, Privacy with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Statistical Communications
  • Data Management, Security and Warehousing
  • Advanced Data Analysis Techniques 6. Data Visualization

By engaging with Public Sector Management and Public Affairs training, you are preparing yourself for tomorrow’s issues today.

Improve your effectiveness and develop your Public Sector Management (PSM) and Public Affairs skills by attending one of our upcoming training courses. VAGAN offers a wide-variety of Public Sector Management training courses designed for individuals who wish to gain an understanding of the policy and management issues of major corporations, government, non-profit organizations and trade bodies.

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  • Pensions, Governance & Regulations
  • Public Policy, Governance & Administration
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving for Public Service Leaders
  • Public Sector Accounting and Budgeting
  • Performance Measurement in Government
  • Strategic Leadership in Government
  • The Strategic Public Manager

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